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Mid Ohio Mind, Body & Soul is a clean, unique and professional tanning and wellness spa that offers the newest technology of indoor UV tanning, red light therapy and massage therapy. Whether you are looking for golden bronze skin, a rejuvenated smooth appearance, or simply need a moment to relax we have a perfect solution for you.


We take pride in our equipment and it is our priority to provide excellent customer service. Not only is our priority to provide the best customer service and equipment, we take pride and stand behind the products we offer.


Mid Ohio Mind, Body & Soul has teamed up with the largest industry leaders when it comes to indoor tanning. We bring you new state of the art equipment that you will not find at your typical salon. We offer four levels of tanning for the most experienced tanner to the individual that is just looking to start. We have laydown hybrid beds and standup booths. The perfect combination to eliminate those summer tan lines and to deeply bronze your skin. 

We have something that will work for every skin type and every budget. It has never been easier to develop a tan! 

Red Light Therapy

Mid Ohio Mind, Body & Soul is not just a tanning salon. We offer beauty and wellness services as well. 


Our spa services are a great way to relax your mind, rejuvenate your body, and indulge your soul! Schedule your spa day today to help alleviate stress in addition to reducing toxins and relieving those sore muscles. 

Red Light Therapy is 100% UV free, non-invasive, and nontoxic. This technique uses wavelengths of light to treat various skin issues, helps even skin tone, and deep tissue issues.

We have 6 different pieces of equipment that have red light and/or near infrared light. Each piece of equipment offers different features and benefits. 

Hands-Free Massage Therapy 

Here at Mid Ohio Mind, Body & Soul we offer a different alternative to your typical "hands on massage." All of our massage therapy rooms are "hands-free." Meaning it is just you relaxing in either a massage chair, our water massage bed, one of our cocoons or our laydown red light bed. This is perfect for the individual that does not enjoy a typical massage when going to a massage therapist.  All of our massage therapy rooms offers red light therapy. 

Combining massage therapy and red light therapy is a perfect way to relieve your everyday stress, rejuvenate your skin, and release the harmful toxins in your body. 

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